Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bas cuisine

Stephen down at MaoMaoChong was tonight doing a special deal, an Aussie pub grub favourite known as "a parma".

'Chicken Parma', I learn, is a slab of chicken breast slathered in parmigiana-style sauce (basically a pizza topping of cheese and tomato; though slightly more elaborate variations adding slices of eggplant or pancetta were also available).

Sophisticated it is not, but it is quite irresistible - and the portions were enormous (even without the addition of chunky potato wedges with a thick aioli dip, and a small side salad too): a bargain for 40 kuai.

The experiment was so well-received (mostly by non-Aussies on this occasion) that Stephen is planning to introduce a Parma Night once or twice a month.  I shall be back.

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