Friday, October 29, 2010

HBH 206

Sitting at the front -
Foolish, when they play this loud.
The ears whoosh for days.

Most excellent Hendrix tribute band Purple Smog returned to VA Bar last night (where I'd seen them last month, around the anniversary of Jimi's passing).  They again played for slightly over an hour, and made quite a few changes to the set list.  (Though still no Red House?  We want Red House!  And Hoochie Coochie Man!  And Sunshine Of Your Love!  And Wild Thing!  And... well, you know... )  Unfortunately, they had cranked the amp up to 11 this time (possibly to 12...); rather LOUDER than is really necessary or healthy in such a small space.  I'm beginning to wonder if my hearing will ever recover.

Looking forward to more shows from these boys, though.  Their bassist says there should be a December gig at VA... and maybe an oft-postponed date at Kolegas as well before too long.

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