Friday, October 29, 2010

Music puns

I have for a little while now been doing an occasional 'Friday Frivolity' series over on Froogville, to indulge my blog-friend JES's (and my own!) fondness for puns - mostly of the visual variety, culled from Viz Comic's excellent online thesaurus of 'Crap Jokes'.

Since I mostly talk about music over here on The Barstool, I thought these two might be more at home here.

If I'd been born twenty years earlier, I like to think I might have got a job as a bodyguard for Jim Morrison.  You know, just so that I could ward off his over-eager fans with the words:  "Mind The Doors, please.  Stand well clear of The Doors."  [I believe I've used this line somewhere before on one or other of my blogs, but I couldn't find it with a site search just now.]

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