Monday, November 15, 2010

A meeting of the Mikes

My erstwhile drinking companions Shanghai Michael and Dr Manhattan (aka 'Big Mike' or 'Mikey Mike' or 'The Mike') have arranged a reunion this month.  I would have loved to join them, but..... unfortunately (for me), it's happening in New York.

Curse this not-having-any-money!!


The British Cowboy said...

You could always simulate being in new York by sitting in the middle of a busy street, surround yourself with obnoxious people telling you this was the only place living in the universe, and then pay three times the real price of everything you buy that day.

You can thank me later.

Froog said...

Beijing is getting to be the same way, alas.

Although, that's only if you try to 'live trendy'. I've usually been very pleasantly surprised by how cheap New York can be (bagels and "coffee" from street vendors for breakfast, loaded hot dogs from Gray's Papaya for lunch, and decent little divey bars and low-rent ethnic restaurants down many side streets)... much better than DC!!

The British Cowboy said...

That's because:

(a) you don't know DC that well


(b) you aren't paying rent.

Froog said...

I would love you to introduce me to a divey neighbourhood bar somewhere in DC (or Alexandria), BC.

Still searching for one after two decades of fairly regular visits!