Tuesday, December 28, 2010


My disdain for 'social networking' sites such as Facebook is by now no doubt well known to all three of my regular readers.

However..... it occurred to me when I was down the bar one night a few weeks back that perhaps, perhaps I would give the idea a spin... if someone came up with a site that was geared  more toward my particular interests - i.e. getting drunk.

Then... inspiration struck!  
Of course!!   

Why has no-one thought of it already??

Instead of a 'wall' for messages, we could have a 'floor' - where your friends could leave little cartoon puddles of vomit to remind you of the forgotten excesses of the night before.  ("Oh no - the pavement taco!  We didn't eat Mexican, did we??")

And options for our 'relationship with the drink' status might include: On The Wagon; Social Drinker; Thank God It's Friday!; Drinking Heavily; Drinking To Forget... and so on.

"Social networking for the anti-social!"  I think there's some mileage in this.  And the photos section would surely attract a lot more traffic than staid old Facebook.

Unfortunately, someone is squatting that domain name at the moment.  Another of my million dollar ideas bites the dust!

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