Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Beatles - but not as we know them...

I was glad to catch the tail-end of Wednesday's show at Salud by the new lineup of our very own Beijing Beatles - still sporting the moptop wigs and lurid Sgt Pepper frock coats, but now with a new vocalist and bassist (the latter looks like Ringo, and - so I'm assured by Dan The Music Man - plays his bass "more like Paul McCartney" than the sadly departed Pierre Billiard, who was probably a bit more loose and jazzy in his approach). An excellent cover band, this; love the drummer and the guitarist; not yet convinced about the new lead singer (sings well enough, but doesn't really do the nasally Scouse thing) - although Dan opines that they're now doing the harmonies better than before.  I look forward to seeing more of them.

By one of those strange cosmic coincidences, the next day a friend back in the UK sent me a link to this - Come Together performed in... erm, Russian?... by Siberian folk-rock band Буготак (Bugotak).  [They may have messed with the - already plenty trippy - lyrics; I'm sure there's a reference to 'Genghis Khan' in there somewhere... and something about nuclear reactors??]

If you're curious to hear more, they've got some free downloads on Last FM.

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