Monday, August 01, 2011

New Picks of the Month

Three years ago this month, Beijing was in the grip of Olympic fever.

Well, no, it was in the grip of Olympic ennui and frustration and grumpiness.

A record month for production (a whopping 76 posts on Froogville!), but perhaps not that much of it has stood the test of time... unless you're curious to relive what the 2008 Olympics were like through my eyes

From Froogville, I choose What was I expecting?, my end-of-the-month summation of why I found the whole business such a disappointing experience. For balance, I should direct you towards this Barstool Blues rundown of the Highlights of my Olympics.

However, my main pick from The Barstool for that month is The Eternal Pursuit, one of my favourite (ostensibly true) anecdotes of English mispronunciation.

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