Thursday, September 01, 2011

New Picks of the Month

Usually, I pick a couple of recommendations from three years ago this month, but since [Fanfare!] the blogs are turning 5 years old this month, I thought I should select a couple of the best posts from those first faltering steps into bloggery back in September 2006.

From Froogville, I choose an anguished slice of autiobiography from the end of that month titled Lone Mosquito Blues.

And from The Barstool, I'll go for my second ever post on there, Down to the 'Doctors', a reminiscence about my experience of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (and so much more: the allure of the great British pub, the emotional power of music, my dearest friend, my greatest Lost Love...).

I wonder if my writing wasn't better back in those early days. There was a zestful enthusiasm for the enterprise, a delight in the thrilling novelty of it all, and an impatience to tell a lot of little stories that had been welling up in me for ages. That all made for quite a little creative ferment for a while. I fear that passion for the writing - or for what I'm writing about - may have waned somewhat now. These days, too often, I feel I'm writing out of duty, or habit. Maybe it is time to abandon this blogging malarkey - as I had originally intended to do after just one year (but I relapsed after an 11-day shutdown). Five years is an awfully long time to spend on something so frittersome

Yes, it's time to evaluate my blogging future. I may have to ask THE COIN.

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