Friday, October 21, 2011

HBH 256

Strange to drink again
After long sobriety
A forgotten buzz

My month of abstinence has been nought but an elaborate experiment to try to establish if I am still capable of experiencing the sensation of being pleasantly drunk. Ordinarily, I am so inured to alcohol that I scarcely feel any effects of it at all. But after a month dry, oh yes, I get quite exhilaratingly head-spinny.

I rather suspect, though, that my prodigious tolerance is almost restored already. And that is an awful lot of trouble to go to just to get a bit of a buzz on. I fear I am back in the rut of routine, relatively non-exciting drinking. Until my next spell of abstinence....


The British Cowboy said...

There's always crack.

Froog said...

Not in China, that I know of.

But opium and heroin are quite cheap.

JK said...

I was once offered a plate of cocaine during a private party at a nightclub in Chengdu. Not a line, a plate. I politely declined, sticking with the Chivas & green tea. Alcohol always wins out in the end, even if it is a horrible bastardization of what I consider good booze.

Froog said...

Ah, good to hear from you again, JK.

I've never had a very good opinion of Chivas. And 90% of the stuff here - Chinese nightclubs, anyway - is fake anyway. So, adding lu cha is probably doing it a favour.

I think I would have probably tipped the plate into a doggy bag and seen what I could sell it for later.

But it was probably icing sugar. Or melamine. Or the crystallized brine of children's tears. Whatever's white and powdery and cheapest in China at the moment.