Friday, November 18, 2011

HBH 260

Familiar faces,
Comforting warmth on chill nights -
The bar's become home.

I should not really have been going out this week, mired as I am in the hell of packing and tidying prior to an imminent change of apartments. But I have found myself strolling down to my favourite ‘local’, 12 Square Metres, almost every night.

Partly, it’s that an apartment full of dust and boxes isn’t a very appealing place to spend the evening. And partly it’s that the emotional stress and physical exhaustion of the packing process do tend to evoke a powerful desire to unwind with a drink (I never like to say that I feel I need a drink, but this week, I have!).

But mostly, it’s because that bar provides a far cosier environment than my apartment – any of my apartments – ever has or ever will. And that’s mostly down to the people there.

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