Saturday, November 19, 2011

Music, rain, fatigue, whisky

The story of my Friday night.

LJ and MB, the new folks in charge at 12 Square Metres, were trying out a little live music for the first time, inviting our local bluegrass collective The Randy Abel Stable to come down and play. We also got a short warm-up set of mellow jazz standards from MB himself – no mean guitarist – and Softly-Spoken Jon, a saxophonist who’s one of our newer regulars.

It was a delightful evening, but… after the hassles of moving day, and facing an anxious meeting with my old landlord the next morning… I really should have had an early night.

But an unseasonal downpour saved me from that…. For a couple of hours or so – from round about the time the music started, it rained so damned hard there was no way anyone could go anywhere.

But that was just fine with me….

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