Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I’m a very mellow fellow most of the time. But the last month or so has been a time of humongous stress, and I slept very badly during the last week before my change of apartments last Friday.

Moving day was horrendous: just about everything that could conceivably have gone wrong did go wrong – and several more things besides, from the realm of the inconceivable (even in China!).

Then I discovered that the Internet – which I really need for work (as well as blogging, of course) – cannot be connected at my new apartment, for a variety of strange and implausible and maddeningly annoying reasons.

Then, I found that I was – for a variety of god-knows-why reasons - unable to connect to wi-fi at any of the bars or cafés I tried on Sunday afternoon.

And eventually, I just lost it – big time! Weeping, yelling, punching the wall…

All better now....

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