Friday, January 20, 2012

HBH 269

Music and whisky:
Most reliable of friends;
Late night indulgences.

I have been falling into bad habits during the last week or so. Having no cash in hand, and with few friends around to go out and play with anyway, I have been staying home a lot in the evenings. So far, so good: living quietly, drinking little or not at all, cooking for myself, catching up on DVDs I bought a year or more ago... The trouble is, quite often my home cinema session will end by 10.30 or 11pm (or 11.30 or 12...), which is much too early for me to go to bed. So... I start listening to music on my computer. And I have a nightcap. And I get rather caught up in the music. And have another nightcap. And I somehow start feeling not very sleepy at all. And I keep thinking to myself one more song, one more drink. And I don't manage to drag myself off to bed until 3am.

This is no way to live, I know. I'm going to impose a 2am curfew on myself.

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