Friday, January 20, 2012

Positive feedback

Via yesterday's Irish Independent, I learn that Sega has just launched in Japan a series of urinal games. 

Yes, video games to be played while answering the call of nature. Special urinals have multiple pressure sensors in them to measure the direction and force of your urine stream, and this data is used to control one of a number of simple games you can choose from a console screen on the wall in front of you: things like creating a wind to blow up a young girl's skirt (ah, Japan!), hosing graffiti off a wall, or just measuring the power of your jet against that of your predecessor at the stall.

I wonder how long before we see these technological wonders appearing here in China?

Of course, for the local market, we might have to make a few changes, produce some different games.

I suggest....

Merry-Go-Round - where you are rewarded for directing your cigarette stub in circles around the drain for as long as possible before it finally comes to rest and clogs it.

Flood - in which you win a prize for being the first person to make an obviously completely clogged urinal overflow.

Golden Showers - where the aim is to get all of your widdle directly on to the floor rather than into the urinal.


The Underpant Sprint - where sensors in the floor in front of urinal time how long you take before and after pissing, as you wrestle with belt, trousers and fly-less underpants.

What larks!

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