Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Singles get doubles!

My big idea for a Valentine's Day promotion!!

Take your mind off your loveless status by getting hammered on half-price spirits all night.

I doubt if I can persuade MB to give this a try down at the bar, alas.  I'd say it was worth experimenting with, because you still have a margin at two-for-one. And Tuesdays are otherwise a DEAD night...

Ah, look what the Internet turns up when you search for 'double shot'.... Only in America!


Gary said...

That is a great idea.

The two-for-one that is, not selling guns and liquor side by side. Only in Texas!

Froog said...

Yes, I believe that one is in Texas. Although I've seen similar craziness in many parts of the South.

I remember once driving past a joint advertising 'Diamonds & Guns'. That really seemed to be asking for trouble.