Friday, April 06, 2012

The wisdom of Swiss Toni

Last week, I mentioned that I'd found a Swiss Club in Tianjin, and that I could imagine it being the sort of place that Charlie Higson's 'Swiss' Toni character might have hung out. 'Swiss', of course, was distinguished by his gift for simile: for him, almost any activity could be usefully compared to "making love to a beautiful woman." 

Here is the great man in action.

In that earlier post, I ventured that perhaps "Running a bar in China is like making love to a beautiful woman", and later, in a comment, I attempted a few illustrations of my point:

Everybody wants to, but no-one's got any idea what they're doing.

You spend a lot of money for the privilege, but then pull out very quickly.

It'll break the bank, and then it'll break your heart.

It's not as much fun as you think it's going to be.

I now throw this open to the masses. Do you have any suggestions on how attempting to run a business in China is, or is not, like making love to a beautiful woman?

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