Wednesday, August 01, 2012

New Picks of the Month

August three years ago was a relatively quiet time on the blogs, because I was on holiday for the first half of the month, and then when I returned to Beijing I found my access to Blogger completely blocked by the Chinese censors for a while (well, apart from the blog-by-e-mail facility, which was not a terribly satisfactory substitute for the 'normal service').

Nevertheless, there were some uncommonly rich pickings on Froogville. I'll opt for The bond as my prime recommendation, the post with which I opened the month, pondering on the strange power that newborn infants seem to have to command the lifelong affection of complete strangers. [However, I might equally well have gone for this bon mot about Jesus, or this theory of history, or this elegy for the demise of the secondhand bookshop, or this very funny regional-accent-based joke, or this one about one of the less popular saints, or one of the best of my haiku, or this exposition of the infamous 'omnibus analogy'. A month of diverse inspirations!]

And on The Barstool I choose The Best Cocktail Bar In The World, the only place I know where I can get my favourite cocktail, and which is not a conventional bar at all, but the expansive kitchen of my good friend The Younger Dr P.

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