Sunday, September 16, 2012

A birthday present

Mike over at booksandmusicandstuff - just about my only surviving commenter on here these days - was kind enough to nominate this little blog for a 'Sunshine Award' last week.

Alas, I felt I had to decline the honour, since I don't really approve of these 'meme' things - and I can't think of any other blogs to pass the award on to (you're supposed to nominate ten, for god's sake!). Still, it's nice to get a little favourable recognition. And, since Music Mike is quite plugged in to all this 'social media' whatnot, there is perhaps a chance that his recommendation may bring in some new readers here. I'll keep a hopeful eye on the stats!

It was a happy coincidence that Mike should offer me this accolade just as this blog was approaching another major milestone (drum roll) - its 6th Anniversary. Yes, Round-The-World Barstool Blues started off with this post six years ago today.

I have determined to put the blog (both my blogs) to bed around the end of this year (I may change my mind, of course; but it's good to have a plan) - so, enjoy it while you can. Only three months or so of The Barstool left!!

This picture comes from a diverting 'visual history' of the barstool I found on a photo blog of unlikely treasures called La Dolfina. You might also check out this rather disturbing Scottish design, a barstool supposedly crafted for the greater comfort of kilt-wearers. This Barstool of mine makes no such concessions to your convenience - try not to fidget.

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