Sunday, October 07, 2012

Farewell to the Blues

To round off the impromptu 'Blues Week' festival with which I have sustained myself through the horror of the Chinese National Holiday, I return to my ultimate guitar hero Peter Green (celebrated on here at length on Wednesday). It seems that he recorded an album, or most of one, with the blues pianist Otis Spann. I'm not sure if this was made at the same time as the studio jam sessions which became the fabulous Fleetwood Mac in Chicago album I mentioned the other day, but Otis did play on one or two tracks on that as well, and I imagine this collaboration must also date to then (January 1969), or thereabouts.

There are two of these tracks on Youtube at the moment, Ain't Nobody's Business and She's Out Of Sight. I hope visitors have enjoyed this week's selections as much as I have.

And, for a very LAST treat (gosh, I've spent A LOT of time on Youtube this week!!), here's a fantastic clip of Otis with Muddy Waters, playing Nobody Knows My Trouble at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival in 1968. Heaven!

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