Saturday, October 06, 2012

Jimmy also got the blues

Drawing to the end of my 'Blues Week' here on The Barstool (one more extra special treat planned for tomorrow!), here's one of my favourite bits of Led Zeppelin, Since I've Been Loving You. This performance is supposedly from around 1970 (probably the height of their powers, before Robert blew out the higher range of his voice, and before they all got completely stupid on the drugs and booze), although I can't discover any more details. I prefer this to the much more commonly posted 1973 Madison Square Gardens show which was filmed for The Song Remains The Same. [Robert & Jimmy also produced an excellent version in their 1994 reunion for the 'UnLedded' MTV special. And you can hear the superb album version here.]

And for even more sustained awesomeness, here's an amazing black&white film of them doing Communication Breakdown and Dazed & Confused (and an unfortunately truncated Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You; the complete version of that is here) in an appearance on Danish TV from March 1969, the very early days of the band.

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