Saturday, October 20, 2012

Great Drinking Songs (35)

Well, I've mentioned Jimmy Buffett on here once or twice before, have enrolled him as one of my 'Unsuitable Role Models', but, somehow, I haven't previously got around to posting his signature hit in this 'Great Drinking Songs' series.

Since today is going to be a day for drinking-and-maudlin-reminiscence - my birthday and my first day off the wagon after a month of abstinence! - Margaritaville seems particularly appropriate. (Although the weather is not tropical enough here any more to support the drinking of margaritas, alas. But I'm sure there will be a few tequila slammers consumed at some point.)

[There's also a little musical treat over on Froogville today.]


KingTubby said...

Happy Birthday FROOG.

Getting old is a hard gig, believe me.

Pls explain the second Blogger Blog.

Is the Wordpress platform verboten in Beijing?

Was going to give you my recipe for dead spicy Cajun pumpkin soup, but was hijacked by the G and Ts at sunset.

And since you're on the wagon (sort of), this is the song for you.

Myself, discovered African internet radio and enjoying no end.


Froog said...

Thanks, KT.

Wordpress does tend to get blocked more often than Blogger (or, it did, back when I first started these blogs in '06). I also saw a lot of comments back then (and have continued to ever since) that the platform was a bit overly complex, less user-friendly than Blogger. As I said the other week, I'm just too set in my ways to think of changing now.

Thanks for the link. I know your a man of broad musical tastes, but I'd never suspected you had a place in your heart for Country & Western.

I made up a spicy pumpkin soup (ginger and chilli) for my housewarming party on Dec. 31st - but I'd be intrigued to know how I can give it a Cajun twist.