Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Weeble Solutions (8)

The Weeble's solution to his shortcomings in the area of forward planning/firm commitment/general reliability.

Hide behind purposefully ambiguous language.

The Weeble is super-literate and a professional wordsmith. Therefore, when his choice of words leaves doubt about the certainty of his assent to a given plan of action, you may be fairly sure that he is trying to leave himself a loophole to enable him to wriggle out of his seemingly promised participation.

A couple of weeks ago, he responded to my suggestion of a drink-related activity (hmm - DRA? Another potentially useful acronym!) for the weekend that he considered it 'plausible'.

My anguished, goading response:
"Uh-oh! 'Plausible' is a step or two down from 'possible'. And 'possible' is a step or two down from 'doable'. And 'doable' is still a long way short of 'I'm there!'"

I know him too well.

(Although, the 'plan' on this occasion was The Beijinger Super Quiz, to which he did - much to my surprise - show up. And he subsequently bitched about the appalling questionmastering more vociferously than any of us!)


The Weeble said...

It's merely that, being familiar with the inexorable vicissitudes of life's course, I don't like to make promises that Cruel Fate may cause me to be unable to keep.

Also, I oversleep.

Froog said...

Also, you have no awareness of time.

Or distance.

And you get distracted easily.

And you get caught in the gravity well of Amilal/Amilana too easily.


Well, you know.

The Weeble said...

Time is an illusion caused by the human inability to comprehend all of existence simultaneously. Right now, for example, I am late for at least 27 engagements at various points along the time continuum.

Froog said...

How very Tralfamadorian of you, Weeble.

From this perspective, I suppose you could reasonably argue that you are in fact always on time.

It's just not the same 'time' that the rest of us are on.