Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Friends in the fridge

It's not really a challenge to go without something unless you leave a few temptations in your path.

I haven't been taxing myself as severely as I might have done during this past month of abstemiousness, because I don't have any decent whisky in the house. I have a dribble of baijiu somewhere, but that doesn't really count as a 'temptation' (it is Jingjiu, one of the more palatable varieties, but hardly a ravisher of the tastebuds). However, I did lay in a couple of tall cans of the local beer just before I embarked on this period of self-denial, left them cooling provocatively in the back of the chiller. And they're still there.

What a good boy am I!

[Strictly speaking, I could crack one of them open at around 2am this morning. But I'm not going to. I'm going to hang on a wee bit longer, and end my drought with a few friends at the end of tomorrow afternoon. What a good boy!!]

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