Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Grossed out in translation

I was given the, er, sausages above as train snackage a couple of months ago by a very nice Chinese lady who is a sort of 'surrogate mother' to me. I still haven't got around to eating them, and I think that the rather unappetising label description of them as Roasted Dowels with Flavour is largely what's putting me off.

Almost none of the foreign punters in the Fish Nation snack stop in Sanlitun try the pork sausage option. They all go for the beef instead. Why? Because, for the most part, they don't even realise there is a pork sausage option. On the English version of the menu it's listed as Pig Intestines. Not very appealing. The staff and management seem not to have noticed the problem, even after some years. Do they ever sell any of the pork sausages, I wonder? I rather suspect they just occasionally fob them off on to drunk customers who've ordered beef but can't tell the difference.

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The Lunch said...

Nothing can be more gross than a Foley burger. At least these sausages are probably animal-origin.