Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Froog Solutions (18)

Froog's solution to the problem(s) of being broke, and having very little work, and having no decent job prospects, and being probably about to become homeless in just over a month....

Pack it all in and go on holiday somewhere!

It makes perfect sense, really. You know it does. 
[Hat-tip to my pal The British Cowboy for reminding me of this seemingly perverse predilection of mine that has so often been a vital source of consolation - nay, salvation - in time of trouble.]


Ruby said...

Wasn't the plan to move to Afganistan...?

Froog said...

No, no, that was the next job.

I need to go away somewhere and spend all my (little!) spare money having self-indulgent FUN first - to make my crisis so acute that I have no choice but to find a new job/move to another country/jump off a cliff.

The Lunch said...

Award yourself a beach holiday. On the Gaza strip, perhaps?

Good career destination, too.

Froog said...

Not so much for Smiling Tony, I hear. Although he's still there, so... maybe it hasn't been so bad.

Not much of a fan of beach holidays. I prefer a long, hilly hike.