Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Well, it is that time of year.....

1) I am going to renounce Tsingtao beer
(Now, back in the UK, I quite liked Tsingtao - although perhaps only because it was all part of the 'adventure' of going for a night out in Chinatown, and a rare reminder of a glorious holiday in China years before. Heck, in Qingdao [different spelling, same place], where it originally comes from, it doesn't taste too bad either. But it's brewed under licence all over China, and the quality control is virtually non-existent. Here in Beijing, it's foul: watery, bloatingly over-gassy, and spiked with some kind of noxious chemical that gives you a ferocious [non-hangovery] headache the next day. And it's outrageously overpriced, with even the cheaper bars these days charging something like a 900% markup on it. Unfortunately, it's about the only option in many places. If I'm going to stick to this resolution, I'm going to need to find a slightly more upmarket brand I can live with, and afford [Tiger, maybe?]; or I'm going to have to switch to something like gin & tonic instead. Hmmm...... )

2) I am not going to drink White Russians any more
(Other than on special occasions, of course; or when I have a particularly scratchy throat..... But they have been threatening lately to become a daily habit - and that's not good for the wallet or the waistline..... or the macho credibility!)

3) I am not going to drink at home any more
(Other than on special occasions, of course; or when I have a particularly scratchy throat.... )

4) I am not going to eat instant noodles more than once a week

5) I am going to cook for myself at least 2 to 3 times a week

6) I am going to start hosting dinner parties at my pad around once a month

7) I am going to be more selective in my gig-going
(I mean, wonderful as they are, I can't go to every single SUBS gig; just lately they seem to have been playing around 3 or 4 times a month - and you can have too much of a good thing.)

8) I am going to get back into a daily exercise regime (weights, stretches, jogging, the whole bit - maybe even a bit of yoga or t'ai chi)

9) I am going to blog less - and try to do some proper writing instead

10) I am going to find a girlfriend (maybe not Madame X, but someone, dammit, someone)

Yes, yes, I know - 'Resolutions' at this time of year rarely survive into the second week of January. And I've never been much good at this kind of thing anyway. But I really am going to make an effort with this batch. Really. Just watch me!


The British Cowboy said...

I was waiting for the elements of a near perfect New Year's Day/NYE, but no luck it seems.

Anyway, for the less than perfect New Year's Day, try obligatory hangover, quitting smoking, living with the shitty feeling from the night before of having turned down someone to whom you are really rather attracted because you are semi-involved with someone else right now, and then, to cap it off, an email dumping on New Year's Day from that other person.

Fuck the world.

Froog said...

Ah, that's not good.

But hey, you know, the the New Year's Eve prospect might still be open.

And I thought you had quit smoking already? Did you relapse?

Hang in there, Cowboy. If you have a really shitty Jan. 1st, at least the rest of the year is likely to be an improvement.

The British Cowboy said...

Nope - I just quit.

The British Cowboy said...

Oh, Froog, I am very surprised you made no further comment regarding E&S...

homeinkabul said...

We will hold you to your NY resolutions...but seriously, the girl you pick to be your girlfriend - DON'T tell her that your only criteria was 'it has to be someone'.

I still think you should bite the bullet and ask Madame X out if she is single.

Froog said...

Of course, that's not my only criterion, HiK - but there is probably some truth to the oft-made criticism that I am "too picky" about women, so I am trying to open myself up to more options!

A Happy New Year to you. Will keep you posted on any 'romantic developments'.

Froog said...

Cowboy, my New Year's Eve was pretty low-key..... and New Year's Day didn't really happen (desperately overtired, starting to fall badly ill): slept in till well after lunchtime, and then frittered the rest of the day away in reading, listening to music, watching DVDs.

I suppose my 'elements' post on that ended up being concealed in the comments to 'Simple Pleasures' - which I was thinking of as my first post of the new year, although, because I am date-stamped on GMT, it was labelled as the last post of December 31st.... despite it being 3am or so local time by then.

On E & S, I assume there is only one reason why a gal like that, who likes a drink, would give up completely. Indeed, completely seems a bit excessive, even if that is the reason; Guinness, as we know, is entirely healthful for ladies "in a certain condition".

I shall be terribly disappointed now if you tell that it was just that she was on antibiotics for a week....

The British Cowboy said...

End of the month is the happy arrival...

Froog said...

Gosh, that's prompt! The wedding was, er......?

Pass on my best wishes to them. I shall join you vicariously in head-wetting celebrations.

homeinkabul said...

BC, missed your comment earlier...yuck. but there really is a chance with the person you turned down (and she should be impressed w/ your moral fiber for turning her down b/c you were involved with someone else).

Good luck Froog!

Of course, I'm giving you all of this advice and I'm still single. AAAAh, glass houses, my friends, glass houses.

The British Cowboy said...

Prompt yet legit, my friend. I will pass on congratulations. Continuing from the abomination that was the joint bachelor-bachelorette party, I now am to be subjected on Sunday to a coed baby shower. That is if the mail order hemlock does not arrive in time.